About Us

ARMORE Collective is a conscious fashion brand.

Our clothes are classic, timeless pieces; our design aesthetic draws from multiple cultural influences, in particular, finding inspiration from Japanese, Italian, and French fashion. The look is chic, with a balance of feminine-androgynous elements that allow a woman’s natural sexiness to shine through.

As a brand we will bring together a collective of fashion suppliers, service providers, and other stakeholders to help build the ecosystem to accelerate the emergence of a new normal in fashion. This includes inclusive beauty, fair wages and good working conditions, and making sustainable fabric accessible.


Our Philosophy

At Armore, we believe that clothes should always look good, feel good, and fit well.

We are committed to being good stewards of the Earth, dealing fairly with suppliers, and supporting women and girls. 

Our clothes are made with natural fabric such as linen, cotton, and Tencel, and are produced ethically by small producers in the Philippines and later, in other countries in a glocal model.

To achieve the perfect fit for you, we are re-engineering the process of how clothes are made by combining a pre-order model with pre-production alteration customization. By addressing fit, we are addressing the problem of fashion waste that goes to landfills. As we grow, we commit to further improving our sustainability practices and incorporate circular economy principles in our operations and business model.