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Hello, amor. It's good to learn more about how our actions have an impact, directly or indirectly, on other people and the planet. Fair warning - learning about sustainable fashion, gathering different perspectives, leads to learning about sustainable living, slow food, the circular economy, etc. If you were to draw a mind map, it will have many branches and it will lead you down a rabbit hole. If you're ready to dive in, here are 11 resources we've put together to get you started. 

Filmmaker Andrew Morgan goes around the world to see the people who make the clothes for the fast fashion industry. It touches on different parts of the garment industry, from production (mainly exploring the life of low-wage workers in developing countries) to its after effects (such as pollution, pesticide contamination, disease, and death). 

The True Cost uses an approach which utilizes environmental, social, and psychological lenses to view these issues. The documentary also touches on consumerism and mass media, linking it to global capitalism. 

Available on Amazon Prime Video.

  • The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline (Book)

The Conscious Closet is not just a style guide. It is a call to action to transform one of the most polluting industries on earth - fashion - into a force for good. You will learn where our clothes are made and how they’re made, before connecting to a global and impassioned community of stylish fashion revolutionaries. 

  • Recloseted Radio | Sustainable Fashion Podcast

Recloseted Radio is a collection of resources that teaches you how to launch a sustainable fashion brand, scale your slow fashion company, and make your apparel brand more environmentally friendly. Perfect for sustainable fashion start-ups. 

Check it out on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • SLAY

Is it acceptable to kill animals for fashion? Award winning filmmaker and animal rights activist Rebecca Capelli asks this question and many more in her film SLAY. 

‘Justice should not be exclusive or have limits,’ she says. ‘It is for all. An industry practice that harms the environment is equally harmful for animals and people. Harm goes hand-in-hand with harm. The objective with Slay is to include all three in the equation of bringing about change.’

Read more about it in this article in thred and watch the preview here

  • Fashion Rewired Podcast with Brian Hill

Fashion Rewired is about the successful transformation of your mind, perspective, and daily approach to your fashion brand. The podcast features conversations with successful fashion designers and business entrepreneurs who share their powerful stories of success, while providing real time industry tips, tools, and actionable strategies to execute today.

Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is the world’s largest fashion activism movement that mobilizes citizens, brands, and policymakers through research, education, and advocacy.

Fashion Revolution is a global movement of people who make the fashion industry work. Their vision is to change the global fashion industry to conserve and restore the environment and to value people over growth and profit. 

Visit the movement at

  • Conscious Chatter (Podcast)

Conscious Chatter is an inclusive audio space that opens the door to conversations about our clothing and the layers of stories, meaning, and potential impact connected to what we wear. It is a venue that allows us to continue to learn more about the garment industry and how we can all be a bigger part of positive change in the industry.

Listen now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • Sustainable Fashion Journal

Sustainable Fashion Journal is an online resource aimed at fashion creatives who seek to work within a fashion industry with a conscience and serves as an inspiration for designers and creatives. 

Visit them at

  • Vogue Business: Sustainability

Vogue Business is an online fashion industry publication that offers a global perspective on the fashion industry, exploring how cultural trends and global patterns will impact fashion businesses. 

Vogue Business is the leading source of information on how new technologies will shape the way products are developed, marketed, and sold. 

Visit them at

  • Going Zero Waste

Going Zero Waste is an online blog about, you guessed it, going zero waste. The blog talks about sustainable living and how to refuse what you don’t need, reduce what you have, reuse what you can, and recycle or compost what you cannot.

Visit them at

  • Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

We may not be able to achieve the environmental gains we’re seeking while still expecting our lives to be the same. We’re going to have to give up a lot.

Minimalism examines the many faces of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from all walks of life, showing how your life might be better and more meaningful with less. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you have other resources to recommend, please do let us know in the comments!



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