The Armore Manifesto

Welcome to the ARMORE Collective blog and our first blog post.

At ARMORE, we love clothes. We are in awe of the craftsmanship that goes into creating clothes. We love fashion and styling clothes to make the outfit our own. In short, we love beautiful clothes, looking beautiful in clothes, and dressing up to express ourselves.

But the fashion industry has a dark side - it is a huge contributor to pollution and microplastics, brands exploit their garment workers, and the clothes we wear are full of harmful chemicals. 

  • Clothes are 63% from petrochemicals

  • 3500 chemicals are used in textile production

  • Around ½ million tons of microfiber or the equivalent of 3 million barrels of oil is dumped in the ocean every year

  • Garment workers suffer from poor working conditions and low wages

  • 85% of clothes end up in landfills

  • Garment workers suffer from poor working conditions and low wages

Image source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation


From textile production to end of life, unsustainable practices abound across the fashion value chain. What’s more, in today’s world of fast fashion and social media, one in ten throw out clothes they’ve been photographed in three times and antiquated standards of beauty remain, thus excluding many women and girls who don’t see women who look like them in mainstream media.
That makes us sad and angry and frustrated. So we decided to do something about helping mindful consumers live their values through fashion by starting ARMORE Collective.

We are a conscious fashion company that practices sustainability. Our obsession is to create beautiful clothes that you will love, clothes that you will reach for on your best days and your worst days, clothes that will be your armor. 

Together with partners, we are building a collective of enterprises, individuals, and organizations committed to helping accelerate the emergence of a new normal in fashion.

This is our Manifesto:

We believe in a new normal in fashion
Where beauty is inclusive of different sizes, shapes, color, gender
Where being fashionable is about wearing the clothes you love that make you feel fabulous, even if it means wearing them again and again
Where we see the people behind the supply chain, especially the garment workers, and ensure that they get a faIr and equitable deal, good working conditions, and opportunities for growth
Where we reduce waste from returning clothes that don’t fit
Where all fashion is good for you, good for people, and good for the Earth
We commit to help accelerate the emergence of this new normal
We are Armore Collective

If this makes sense to you or resonates with you, or makes you curious about the journey of creating a sustainable fashion brand, do bookmark this blog, share it with a friend, follow us on Instagram, and most importantly, make sure to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts, invites, and downloadables.

We are just getting started and we are so excited, and a little bit scared, for the journey ahead. We’d love for you to be part of our journey.






Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

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