Is your wardrobe sustainable?

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Have you ranked the sustainability issues in fashion that are important to you? If not, check out our blog post Fashion issues - what's important to you? 

Ready to dive into finding out whether your wardrobe is sustainable? Here are a few questions to reflect on:

What kind of fabric are my clothes made of? 
  • There is no perfect fabric but the ones made from natural fabric such as linen, silk, cotton, Tencel, wool, hemp are biodegradable.
  • If possible stay away from polyester as these shed microplastics that go into the ocean. Having said that, one way to increase the sustainability of your clothes is to keep them in your closet.
Do I wear each piece at least 30 times?
  • Livia Firth, the founder of Eco Age (a company that certifies brands for their sustainability), started the #30Wears campaign to encourage consumers to buy a clothing piece only if we know we’ll really wear it. This is the same as our philosophy that it must be love when you buy clothes
Do I buy clothes that last?
  • How old are your clothes? Have you had them for at least five years and they still look good?
  • Quality over quantity! Buy clothes that will last, and avoid anything that looks like it’s likely to fall apart or wear out after a few washes.
  • Check the material and stitching of the clothes for quality issues.
How do I take care of my clothes?
  • Of course, it’s one thing to buy quality pieces, but it’s another to take care of them to make the most out of their lifespan.
  • Make sure to follow the care instructions so your clothes will last longer.
  • Also when your clothes are damaged, it’s not necessarily time to toss it. You can still have it repaired or altered to make it last longer. 

Who made my clothes? 

  • The issue of sweatshops has been around for some time but the issue is easily forgotten because the supply chain is not transparent.
  • If possible, find out where your clothes were made and who made them. Sustainable fashion means that sewers and production get good working conditions and a fair deal. 

What do I do with my clothes when I’m done with them?

  • Your clothes shouldn’t be thrown away! Many fabrics can be recycled or reused, while clothing in good condition can be donated or given to someone else.

It's great that you are asking these important questions! How else do you keep your wardrobe sustainable? Share it with us in the comments and sign up for our exclusive newsletter!




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